For Starters; Neglect is Not an Option

Neglecting my blog was not something I set out to accomplish. I did not have a “Do Not Post” task item in Outlook or a sticky note on my screen that read, “This is a Post Free Campus.” Clearly, however, I am an overachiever in the area of bloglect having allowed six months to pass since my last entry.

Therefore, as I head into a new school year one of my goals for the coming year is to tend to this blog with more care. Rather than trying to write deep, meaningful, and thought provoking posts each time out, I plan to use this site for musings, observations, and life experiences as well as more deep writing in the hopes of sparking conversation around teaching, learning, and the digital age in which we live.

And while I have neglected this blog recently, neglect is not an option when it comes to my work. As such, I share my goals for the 2010-11 year here as a reminder that it is important to set goals, to work towards them, and regardless of whether one fails of succeeds, it is the journey toward one’s goals that makes all the difference.

GOAL #1: Be Proactive
I am an observer and a listener first and foremost. As such, I can be viewed as reactionary. While gathering facts is an important leadership trait, being proactive has its merits and as such takes the number one spot.

GOAL #2: Be Transparent; Communicate More Effectively
There is a fine line between telling and informing when it comes to communicating within a school. Informing others of why change is needed is an important step in being transparent about change.

GOAL #3: Meet Regularly with Academic Leaders
Reaching out regularly to the academic leaders in an institution can help one achieve sustainable and meaningful change not to mention generate ideas and good will.

GOAL #4: Think Critically about Effective Change; Make Recommendations
Educational technology leaders should have an understanding about the common strands throughout a school. As such, being able to think critically about effective change is key.

GOAL #5:  Lead Educational Technology Charge
The culmination of goals one through four, this final goal is predicated on four years of developing a solid hardware infrastructure. Quite naturally then, a strong foundation provides a firm base on which to build for the future.

While these are my goals for the coming year I think they apply to any educational technology leader in schools today. So, heading into the new school year what are your goals, why did you develop them, and how do you plan to reach them?