Are You an Intentional Leader?

In his post yesterday, Seth Godin asked us to consider, “the first thing you do when you sit down at the computer.” And then he offered the following:



Oddly enough, earlier this week I received and began a new book titled, “Intentional Leader” from so when Seth Godin noted, “If you’re.....a leader or someone seeking to make a difference, the first thing you do should be to lay tracks to accomplish your goals” I thought that perhaps there were such a thing as stars aligning.

Why, because yesterday I offered the following tweet about “Intentional Leader” and my enjoyment of it to which Vinny Vrotny replied:


Therefore, because Vinny asked, I offer this short post on why I am intrigued by “Intentional Leader” and it’s day-by-day series of reflections.

First, “Intentional Leader” is broken down into twelve logical sections, one for each month of a year:

Vision, Relationships, Excellence, Focus, Passion, Perseverance, Legacy, Change, Attitude, Strategy, Initiative, and Belief.

Within in each month you have:

  • An introduction to that month’s topic as well a set pattern that continues throughout the book.
  • Each Monday you are asked to consider a sub-topic from the month’s theme.
  • Each Tuesday you are asked to think about what is true about you as it pertains to the sub-topic from Monday.
  • On Wednesday you are asked to consider the external significance of what you considered back on Monday.
  • On Thursday of each week you are asked to reflect upon your answers throughout the week.
  • Finally, on Friday, you are asked to be more intentional about rest, friendship, projects and rejuvenation as you head into the weekend.

As Vinny pointed out in his tweet, there are other tools and solutions to help us be more intentional about a variety of things in our lives. However, I need a plan and guide to help me get there which is what I love most about “Intentional Leader.” Never does the book ask more of me than I can give on any single day but when the sum of the parts are added together I get, well, better.

I hope to blog more regularly on my experience using “Intentional Leader” in order to share what’s working and what it not on my journey toward being the best of me.