Doors Are Meant to be Closed But Windows.....

Recently, the following phrase was brought up in a conversation I was having about opportunity:

When one door closes another always opens.

During the conversation I challenged the person with whom I was speaking to consider a more apt phrase that I prefer as I believe it more accurately reflects what opportunity is all about:

When one door closes a window opens.

Why do I prefer this phrase? To me, doors are meant to be closed. We close them for a variety of reasons including privacy, quiet and security. However, we open windows to let in light, fresh air, and the sounds of life --- especially as we head into spring.

So the next time you are faced with a challenge or opportunity will you be closing a door or opening a window?

I know what my choice will be...

Humans: Being or Doing?

Today, I came across the tweet below from Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) and thought it rather profound especially in light of how connected digitally we are today as humans.

To be digitally connected, while a good thing for professional learning and development, can sometimes lead to being overly reliant upon or addicted to the tools and connections we make digitally.

As you prepare to head into the week ahead what plans will you make to disconnect? To be with others face to face? To cherish those around you?

I have a few ideas for myself.....